Seamless Eaves

Eaves troughs, or rain gutters, serve a vital purpose in your home: they divert the water from falling off the roof edges, preventing this uncontrolled flow of water from damaging the structure of your house’s outside walls, basement or foundation.

A working eaves trough can also:

  • Protect the colour of brick and concrete
  • Prevent drip lines or discolouring
  • Protect concrete slabs from sinking and cracking
  • Prevent water from directly entering open doors and windows
  • Stop or limit landscape erosion and landscape flooding

Care must be taken to ensure that your eaves trough does not become clogged with leaves and other natural waste which can lead to damage or a build-up of stagnant water, or in the winter, ice. Call us to get a quote on installation or repair of your eaves trough or to inquire about a solution to prevent clogs or backups.

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